Int’l Holidays was established in 2006 and to date has placed over 7000 students from all over the world in some of the most prestigious English speaking universities and is a recruiting agency providing students and parents with current information about studies offered globally. Our services offer information about the selected destination, the universities, programs, admissions, accommodations and student Visas. We assist over 12000 students annually with advice on studying abroad and we are steadily positioning ourselves to be the world's leading advisor on international education.

We were initially established to promote American, Canadian, and United Kingdom education in the international market and now recruit international students to study in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and many other destinations worldwide. We support students to enroll in educational institutions in courses that will help them achieve their life long goals.

Why Int’l Holidays?

Our students will always be at the heart of what we do and our honest advice, strong relationships with our partners and highly experienced staff means you can depend on us to deliver quality in all aspects of the application process.

We know that studying in a different country can be an exciting yet daunting process and our team an unparalleled insight into the needs of international students. Combining our industry knowledge with our extensive expertise, we constantly strive to bring you the most up to date information possible.

Our Main Goals & Objectives:

  • To understand students need for study abroad
  • To help students find the most suitable course and institute for further education
  • To facilitate students by ensuring admission for them in the proposed course and institute, smoothing visa processing and providing support before they leave their families and country
  • To help students make right decision at a right time in achieving their career goals
  • To provide personalized attention to individual student in a dynamic and supportive environment

Our Vision:

Honest and professional services.. To help you reach your educational goals.

Mainly aims to meet the educational needs of adult learners in a way that is unmatched in higher education. On the other hand, it has an ambition to become the first provider for university services in the Middle East and the whole world, through providing the students from various countries with opportunities to gain educational qualifications.

          Moreover, Int’l Holidays aspires to become one of the region’s leading admission offices/agencies in the Middle East region and the whole world, provide the students with the best learning and teaching experiences, focused enterprise, multiculturalism and effective engagement with various cultures.

Our Mission:

To become #1 Education agency in Saudi Arabia by serving student, provide the career counseling for the youth, guidance in planning their futures and to provide quality of service for Saudi and International students all over the world. We want to lead the market by putting our best efforts and making people confess that they love Int’l Holidays.


Looking for a hotel or a place to stay during your study?!

          Whatever your destination or budget, we will help you to select the most appropriate option to ensure the establishment of comfortable enjoyment.  Int’l Holidays works to gather all the information needed in the subject of residence such as the place of residence, costs, services... Etc.

         In addition, Int’l Holidays offers a different tips and ways to help the students find a convenient place to stay in, As Int’l Holidays works with many partners to provide several types of accommodation for students commensurate with their circumstances and their desires.


Traveling Visa (Study Visa, Visitor Visas, Medical Visas)

Are you facing trouble in getting a visa? Would you like to authorize the qualified people to walk through the Embassy procedures?

          Int’l Holidays can help students in this by answering their questions and explain to them how to get a visa, so things get way too easy. For example, Int’l Holidays guides you and helps you select the type of visa based on your needs, whether if you are a student or a dependent, and what are the necessary documents you need.

          Int’l Holidays will assist students who wish to move on with the embassy proper procedures to avoid mistakes that could lead to the loss of their right to study in the desired country.

          Note that the requirements of the embassies to obtain a visa vary from country to country.


University Admission & Language Institutes:

                Int’l Holidays is keen in providing its students the right choices for the Language institutes and university information and help in the admission process. And all of our partners are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.


Professional Courses:

With the help of partner Institutes around the world Int’l Holidays can provide courses on the professional level. Such as Business English, Military English, Medical English and Even Hotel management English.